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great gameplan on both sides Make Your Own Football Jersey

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Very little went right for the Kansas City Chiefs in this game. If you told anyone before the games that the Chiefs wouldn’t even score a touchdown, well, they probably would have scoffed in your face. They went down swinging and didn’t give up on each other, but in the end, it wasn’t enough to pull out a victory.

Credit to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they had a great gameplan on both sides of the ball and executed it to perfection. In the end, they were able to claim a 31-9 victory over Kansas City.

Weekly Awards

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Wire Game Ball: QB Patrick Mahomes
Cheap Harrison Butker Jersey Rookie of the Game: RB Cheap Clyde Edwards-Helaire Jersey
Cheap Casey Wiegmann Jersey Veteran of the Game: LB Cheap Damien Wilson Jersey
Cheap Otis Taylor Jersey Play of the Game: LB Damien Wilson’s second-quarter fourth-and-goal stop.
Wesley Roesch Stat of the Game: 11 penalties for 120 yards.

Quick-hitting analysis

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The start to this game felt pretty even-keeled. Both defenses managed to shut out the opposing offenses the first time around. It looked like it was going to be a fairly tight game, but things quickly spiraled out of control for Kansas City.
The run defense really only looked good at one point during this game and that was the fourth-down goal-line stand. There were numerous runs of double-digit yardage moving the sticks for the Buccaneers. That made things way-too-easy for Tom Brady because the defense really had to key in on the run game. It opened up the play-action passing game and had the Chiefs defense playing on their heels for the majority of the game.
Brady knows how to find a defensive weakness and exploit it better than any quarterback in the game right now. He did that with the Chiefs, moving the sticks three times throwing the ball to Leonard Fournette matched up with Cheap Ben Niemann Jersey in coverage. It has long been the biggest weakness for Kansas City, but few teams have exploited it this season. Brady did.
The offensive line was overmatched basically the entire game. Cheap Patrick Mahomes Jersey made them look better than they were at times, working his way out of pressure on a number of occasions. In the final stat-sheet, they only surrendered 3 sacks, but it probably should have been ten. Really, Shaq Barrett was just defeating the blocks from Cheap Andrew Wylie Jersey and Cheap Mike Remmers Jersey far too quickly. It didn’t allow for Mahomes to scan the field and for the deep and intermediate routes to develop. He was basically on the run immediately after the ball was snapped on every play.
Penalties were a massive problem defensively and as soon as the officials started calling them, the team started playing very tentatively. By the time they seemed to get their mojo back, the Bucs could simply lean on the run game.
The coaching could have been much better in this game for the Chiefs. On defense, they had no answer for Rob Gronkowski and the running back group. On offense, they struggled to get any sort of rhythm going because of the offensive line play. There weren’t many adjustments made and they probably could have gone to a no-huddle offense much sooner.
Mahomes deserves just so much credit for his performance. Box-score watchers will play it off as if he didn’t have a good game, but he was truly remarkable. He did so much to try and will this team to victory, there was just too much adversity to overcome. He was throwing prayers up while being tackled to the ground and nearly making them happen.
How the Chiefs manage to bounce back from this Super Bowl loss in 2021 will tell us a lot about their future. They can rise to the occasion and use this loss to motivate the team to future success or they can continue to spiral. They get to choose how they respond to it.

What’s next?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 NFL offseason is here for the Chiefs. That means it’s general manager Brett Veach’s time to shine. He’ll begin to enact his plans ahead of free agency and the 2021 NFL draft in order to construct the best possible team for next season. After watching Super Bowl LV, I’d suggest he start on the offensive and defensive line.

Wylie to right tackle Build Your Own Baseball Jersey

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Martinas Rankin should be starting at left tackle for the KC Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

It may sound crazy to start the guy who has played all of one game this season and put him into the starting lineup at left tackle in the Super Bowl. To a point, I agree. However, if we have learned anything about the Kansas City Chiefs‘ offense and the team’s ability to make the offensive line work, the Chiefs should start Martinas Rankin at left tackle because it keeps the right side of the offensive line, Cheap Andrew Wylie Jersey at right guard and Cheap Mike Remmers Jersey at right tackle, as the strength.

The basic comment about this idea is simply this. By moving Remmers to left tackle, Wylie to right tackle, and then inserting Stefen Wisniewski at right guard, the Chiefs — in theory — weaken multiple spots along the offensive line in one fell swoop. Wylie and Remmers have been really good on the right side and the Chiefs should keep them there.

Remmers — at least at this moment — is a better left tackle option than Rankin. However, because offensive lines are units and not an individual player, my view is simply to keep the unit as strong as possible.

It may be counter-intuitive to have the weakest spot at the left tackle spot, but, if the rest of the offensive line is strong and working together, scheming around a weak left tackle spot, using chips from tight ends and backs, or even leaving the backs into to block, the scheme can aid one weak spot as opposed to weakening a unit.

The KC Chiefs have a lot of injuries along the offensive line, but playing Cheap Martinas Rankin Jersey at left tackle makes sense.
Can Remmers play left tackle? Of course, but the Buccaneers have a really solid front seven, and the idea of having three players in positions they haven’t been prior to the Super Bowl is worrisome against an attacking front.

The Chiefs should continue to allow the four members of the offensive line that have played together a vast majority of the season, let them continue to work together as a unit. While the left tackle spot may be lessened, the strength elsewhere will offset the issues with Rankin, who did play left tackle in college at Mississippi State and during the Chiefs’ Week 17 game against the Chargers.

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With an offensive line as banged up as the Chiefs’, they need to start getting creative, and putting Rankin at left tackle is a good strategy for the biggest game of the

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The Kansas City Chiefs look to complete the franchise first repeat championship in its history on Sunday evening against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The game is replete with storylines, but probably none more intriguing than the matchup of the “greatest of all time” in Tom Brady and the “heir apparent” in Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs are on a tear right now, the second half of the Cleveland Browns matchup aside, and have essentially rolled their two opponents in the playoffs. Some could argue they beat the second best team left, beating the Buffalo Bills handily in the AFC Championship, but nonetheless the Buccaneers pose a unique and challenging obstacle.

There are a number of factors that have already been talked about ad nauseum, but let’s take a look at the three most crucial to a Chiefs victory. If the Chiefs can prevail in these areas there’s a better chance than not they are hoisting the Lombardi to close out this unique season and joining a short list of teams who have repeated as champions.

Neutralize Buccaneers pass rush
This is probably the most talked about point leading up to the Super Bowl. The way the media puts it, the Buccaneers defensive line are like piranhas with blood in the water looking at the Chiefs offensive line. The Chiefs are starting multiple “backups” against a defensive line that had quality days the last two playoff games.

In actuality the Chiefs offensive line is made up of a group of individuals who have played a significant amount in “next man up” duty the past two seasons. Last year the Chiefs line was replete with injuries, and players like Cheap Andrew Wylie Jersey stepped up to play significant snaps and achieve a quality grade from Pro Football Focus.

In similar fashion, Stephen Wisniewski was brought on late in the season and was an integral cog in the Chiefs line that protected Mahomes against one of the greatest defensive lines in recent memory in Super Bowl LIV.

This year it’s those players along with newcomer Cheap Mike Remmers Jersey, who is having one of his best seasons as a professional and will be playing in his second Super Bowl on Sunday. Don’t forget Cheap Nick Allegretti Jersey  who’s having a solid second season as a professional on the interior of the Chiefs line. The truth is, the Chiefs offensive line won’t be at 100 percent Sunday but from a comparison relative to the rest of the season they aren’t that far off.

The other question concerning the Buccaneers pass rush is whether pressure actually matters as much in this matchup as some might think. The Buccaneers do in fact generate the fourth highest pressure rate in the league, but they blitz at the fourth highest clip as well. Interestingly enough, they only convert that pressure to sacks at the 10th highest rate.

Do you know who happens to be fairly effective under pressure that doesn’t lead to sacks? Cheap Patrick Mahomes Jersey is elite under pressure, so if the Buccaneers are unable to actually convert that pressure to sacks I’m not sure it’s going to matter too much. If the Chiefs can neutralize this factor, from moving the pocket to screen passes to running the football, they’ll be at a major advantage.