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For example, Tampa Bay only has 45 players under contract currently. That means their current salary cap space of $18.5 million would go down to $14.54 million, shown by $18.5 million – ($660k * 6). Tampa’s cap space can go lower, as the Bucs could add contracts to their roster that are not the base minimum, but this is a much better snapshot of the Buccaneers’ salary cap as it currently stands than the $18.5 million figure.

In the same vein as the above example, but in reverse, when a team has 51 or more contracts, new contracts added to the roster need to take into account the contract that gets knocked out of the top 51.

Let’s say the Chiefs’ 51st contract is a $660k minimum base salary contract. The Chiefs then decide to re-sign Cheap Byron Pringle Jersey to a one-year/$1 million contract. For salary cap purposes, the Chiefs have not subtracted $1 million from their salary cap space. They actually subtracted $1 million – $660k = $340k. So, in this example, only $340k would be taken away from the Chiefs’ cap space.

Teams operate under this Top 51 contracts rule from the beginning of the league year until the first day of the regular season, and it warps offseason accounting to a huge degree. It is how teams can seemingly fit smaller level re-signings under the salary cap and is something every NFL fan needs to keep in mind.

Now, it is time to put our knowledge of NFL contracts to work.

The Cuts

We’ll be using a salary cap of $185.6 million for this mock offseason, which includes carry-over cap space from 2020. This means the Chiefs start the offseason $23.48 million over the cap.

There will probably be a few cuts to some previously important players.

If the salary cap did not decrease this year, the Chiefs could have gone through this offseason without any additional cuts. However, due to the salary cap falling, it seems unreasonable and financially irresponsible to make all the salary cap space needed just from restructures. Some players will have to go.

One player that will be noticeably absent from the mock offseason is defensive end Cheap Frank Clark Jersey. That is by design. Clark is incredibly difficult to move this offseason.

Cutting Frank Clark would charge $39 million in dead cap space in 2021, costing $13 million in cap space.

Cutting Frank Clark with a June 1 designation would charge $25.4 million against the Chiefs cap and gain $500k in cap space.

Trading Frank Clark would charge $20.4 million in dead cap and gain $5.4 million in salary cap space.

None of these figures are ideal. It is hard to imagine that Clark is not a Chief in 2021. The smartest thing to do with Clark is do nothing, hope he plays better in 2021, and if he doesn’t, then decide his fate next year when the numbers are more favorable for a release. In 2021 though? There is not much to do unless Clark takes a bonafide pay cut.

It is possible to have a functional offseason, even with Clark’s contract on the books as-is, with only a few cuts.

In this mock offseason, the Chiefs only cut two players.

Left tackle Cheap Eric Fisher Jersey is such an obvious cut on the surface that it feels almost destined to happen. Fisher will be coming off a late-season Achilles injury on the wrong side of 30 and is in the last year of his contract. By cutting Fisher, the Chiefs would save $11.3 million after replacing his contract in accordance to the Top 51 rule.

It would not be shocking if the Chiefs and Fisher get some sort of contract resolution sorted out, spreading out Fisher’s cap hit over a year or two so he can stay on the roster, but it feels like a long shot and mistake. A sad end for a player who has been a Chief for a long time, but the NFL is a business. Chiefs cap room: -$12.17 million

In the spirit of “the NFL is a business”, cutting running back Cheap Damien Williams Jersey is also a move that is depressing on the emotional side of the game. Business is business though, and the Chiefs would add $1.5 million in savings, which makes Williams a good mid-level cut to help retain some players at more important positions. Cutting a player like Williams is going to be a common roster move this offseason for other teams as front offices try to claw back some salary cap room from veteran contracts. This is why many in the NFL media are predicting this offseason could be rough for veterans around the league. Chiefs cap room: -$10.55 million

Fisher and Williams are the only two cuts needed to get to a respectable salary cap number at the end of the salary cap creation phase. No, cutting right tackle Cheap Mitchell Schwartz Jersey was not done in this mock offseason. It felt like a more interesting exercise to try and go through an offseason with Schwartz on the roster. His return in 2021 feels truly uncertain, so waiting it out and seeing how the roster ends up with him on the team feels like a believable, likely exercise.

Even with the cuts above, the Chiefs are still over the cap. In order to find the rest of the money needed, more salary cap space will have to be added through restructures.

The Restructures

Restructured contracts are not the end of the world.

Despite the negative aura surrounding restructures, due in large part to the salary cap apocalypses happening in Philadelphia and New Orleans, restructures are an incredibly powerful tool.

There are three players who are likely targets for the Chiefs to restructure.

I wrote about quarterback Cheap Patrick Mahomes Jersey contract last offseason and its unorthodox construction. That unorthodox construction can already help the Chiefs create cap space.

Mahomes’ contract is a bank the Chiefs can borrow from a couple of times over the life of the deal if they wish. Keeping the borrowing to only when it is necessary is the key, but this offseason is a time it is needed.

For this mock offseason, $15 million of Mahomes’ roster bonus in 2021 will be restructured into a signing bonus. The $15 million is spread out over the maximum of five years on his deal and saves $12 million in 2021. Chiefs cap room: $1.344 million

Tight end Cheap Travis Kelce Jersey contract is very strange in hindsight. Kelce will make $13.25 million this year but will only make $7.5 million next year. Kelce also has no guaranteed money in his deal after this season, despite having three years left on the deal. To smooth this contract out and reward an all-time Chief with guaranteed money, Kelce gets a restructure to the tune of $10 million in total restructure money to save $8 million against the 2021 salary cap. Chiefs cap room: $9.344 million

Defensive tackle Cheap Chris Jones Jersey is the last restructure needed to make salary cap room. Jones’ restructuring is a bit scarier due to him only having three years left on his contract, but good savings can be found. It is hard not to imagine that Jones is not in the Chiefs’ future plans, so the restructuring still feels safe. Even if the worst happens and the Chiefs need to cut Jones next offseason, they can still do so, saving $19 million in salary cap while having $6.8 million in dead money. Chiefs cap room: $15.344 million


At the end of cuts and restructures, the Chiefs are now $15 million under the worst-case salary cap of $180 million. This required only a few cuts and restructures and no major moves outside releasing Eric Fisher.

Looking into the future, the restructures have done very little down the road to the Chiefs’ future caps. In 2022 and 2023, the Chiefs added $8 million per year on Mahomes, Jones, and Kelce’s contracts. After that, it’s only $5 million a year till the end of the five-year period the restructure was spread out over.

This amount of borrowing from the future is entirely sustainable.

There are rumors that the salary cap will explode in 2022 due to the increased revenue share from the CBA, more lucrative TV deals and the return of in-person attendance. Over the Cap estimates the salary cap to be $227 million and other estimates have come in around that number as well. When this happens, will the Chiefs really care about $8 million tied up in three of their best players? No, they will not.

If the Chiefs wish to cut more players and make some more salary cap room, releasing players like Cheap Chad Henne Jersey, Cheap Dorian ODaniel Jersey, and Cheap Anthony Hitchens Jersey (with a June 1 designation) are other plausible options. The savings on these types of moves are minuscule though, and it seems the Chiefs like those three for their roles on the team and believe the savings would not outweigh the cost.

While $15.343 million in salary cap space seems like very little to work with, the Top 51 rule will extend that money further than it seems at first glance. The Chiefs’ offseason will look a lot like last year, as they will make signings and re-signings that seem to defy the math of the salary cap.

In the next part of the mock offseason series, we will attempt to simulate those physics-defying roster moves.

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Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen threw for 300 or more yards in nine games this season, and his season-low was 122 passing yards during a game in October.

The Bills’ opponent that day? The Chiefs, who won 26-17 in Orchard Park, N.Y.

Despite keeping Allen to a season-low in passing yards, Chiefs linebacker Cheap Anthony Hitchens Jersey says his team believes it will face a challenge in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.

Hitchens was on the “Behind the Mask” podcast with Takeo Spikes and Tutan Reyes and was asked about the threats the Bills present.

“I mean Josh Allen, that’s enough right there,” Hitchens said. “He’s having a crazy year, got better every year. Like I literally admire players like that, that just continue to get better. Doesn’t matter the coaching situations or the head coaches or your team is winning or losing, you just got better. So, yeah, he’s gonna throw the ball, everyone knows that, 40 times a game. So we’ve got our hands full with that.

Howard Mudd, one of the most respected offensive line coaches in NFL history, died two weeks after being critically injured in a motorcycle accident, his family announced Wednesday. He was 78.

Mudd spent nearly five decades in the NFL, first as a player and then as a longtime offensive line coach.

The latter career included a stop in Kansas City. He coached the Chiefs line from 1989-92 under Marty Schottenheimer. Cheap Barry Word Jersey and Cheap Christian Okoye Jersey both enjoyed 1,000-yard rushing seasons during his time here, in which he coached linemen Cheap Tim Grunhard Jersey, Cheap John Alt Jersey and Cheap Dave Szott Jersey, among others.

SportsBeat KC: The latest on Cheap Patrick Mahomes Jersey, plus Cheap Tyreek Hill Jersey on motivation
“Today the NFL lost one of the great o-line coaches and my mentor,” Grunhard wrote on Twitter. “Howard was my 1st OL coach and believed in me and was instrumental in me being drafted to the Chiefs. I loved this man as a father along with countless other OL who played around the league.”

Mudd was a three-time Pro Bowl selection as a player. He became most prominently known during his 11-year tenure as the Colts’ offensive line coach from 1998-2009, which included a Peyton Manning-led Super Bowl run.

In addition to the Chiefs and Colts, Mudd’s career included stints with the Chargers, 49ers, Seahawks, Browns and Eagles.

Mudd spent two weeks in intensive care following the motorcycle accident, which left him with multiple injuries, his family said.

“Right after the accident he fought so hard against all odds to communicate to us that he loves us and that he knows we love him,” his family posted on CaringBridge.org, also writing, “Please honor Howard today and every day by sharing a belly laugh with a loved one or telling a stupid joke or calling up a friend to tell them you are thinking of them.”

“And then they just keep you balanced with the running game. Not to say they can’t run it, but they keep you balanced and keep you honest. But let’s not fool ourselves that their best player isn’t the quarterback. They’re going to mix in some runs, keep you honest, but I mean our hands are full every week. There’s only four teams left. It’s going to be good ball from here on out.”

Stefon Diggs, the NFL’s leader in receiving yards this season, was held to 46 yards in eight catches against the Chiefs, but he had a touchdown.

Hitchens expects the Bills to make it a priority to get Diggs the ball.

“We played him early in the year, and we did some things to take him away,” Hitchens said. “But … teams just try to take players away, they’re still going to get them touches — screens, reverses, jet sweeps, so he’s going to get his touches. We just can’t give up a 60-yard bomb or make four people missing and go for 80. So between him, then you still got Cole Beasley in the slot. I play with him in Dallas, so I know all about him.”

Hitchens, who spent four seasons with the Cowboys before joining the Chiefs in 2018, had four tackles and a tackle for loss in the AFC Divisional playoff win against the Browns.

A team captain for the postseason, Hitchens said he believes the game will be won in the trenches.

“They’ve created a good formula for what they want, and keep you honest with the run and pass, but I think it’s gonna come down to our D line versus the O line in the passing game,” Hitchens said. “We’ve got two of the best rushers in the league in Chris (Jones) and Frank (Clark) and put them on opposite sides and let him go.

“So yeah, I mean, I like our odds in this game, and we’ve got to go back to work. … There’s nothing else to it. It’s just work. People that work hard, good things happen to them.”