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Very little went right for the Kansas City Chiefs in this game. If you told anyone before the games that the Chiefs wouldn’t even score a touchdown, well, they probably would have scoffed in your face. They went down swinging and didn’t give up on each other, but in the end, it wasn’t enough to pull out a victory.

Credit to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they had a great gameplan on both sides of the ball and executed it to perfection. In the end, they were able to claim a 31-9 victory over Kansas City.

Weekly Awards

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Wire Game Ball: QB Patrick Mahomes
Cheap Harrison Butker Jersey Rookie of the Game: RB Cheap Clyde Edwards-Helaire Jersey
Cheap Casey Wiegmann Jersey Veteran of the Game: LB Cheap Damien Wilson Jersey
Cheap Otis Taylor Jersey Play of the Game: LB Damien Wilson’s second-quarter fourth-and-goal stop.
Wesley Roesch Stat of the Game: 11 penalties for 120 yards.

Quick-hitting analysis

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The start to this game felt pretty even-keeled. Both defenses managed to shut out the opposing offenses the first time around. It looked like it was going to be a fairly tight game, but things quickly spiraled out of control for Kansas City.
The run defense really only looked good at one point during this game and that was the fourth-down goal-line stand. There were numerous runs of double-digit yardage moving the sticks for the Buccaneers. That made things way-too-easy for Tom Brady because the defense really had to key in on the run game. It opened up the play-action passing game and had the Chiefs defense playing on their heels for the majority of the game.
Brady knows how to find a defensive weakness and exploit it better than any quarterback in the game right now. He did that with the Chiefs, moving the sticks three times throwing the ball to Leonard Fournette matched up with Cheap Ben Niemann Jersey in coverage. It has long been the biggest weakness for Kansas City, but few teams have exploited it this season. Brady did.
The offensive line was overmatched basically the entire game. Cheap Patrick Mahomes Jersey made them look better than they were at times, working his way out of pressure on a number of occasions. In the final stat-sheet, they only surrendered 3 sacks, but it probably should have been ten. Really, Shaq Barrett was just defeating the blocks from Cheap Andrew Wylie Jersey and Cheap Mike Remmers Jersey far too quickly. It didn’t allow for Mahomes to scan the field and for the deep and intermediate routes to develop. He was basically on the run immediately after the ball was snapped on every play.
Penalties were a massive problem defensively and as soon as the officials started calling them, the team started playing very tentatively. By the time they seemed to get their mojo back, the Bucs could simply lean on the run game.
The coaching could have been much better in this game for the Chiefs. On defense, they had no answer for Rob Gronkowski and the running back group. On offense, they struggled to get any sort of rhythm going because of the offensive line play. There weren’t many adjustments made and they probably could have gone to a no-huddle offense much sooner.
Mahomes deserves just so much credit for his performance. Box-score watchers will play it off as if he didn’t have a good game, but he was truly remarkable. He did so much to try and will this team to victory, there was just too much adversity to overcome. He was throwing prayers up while being tackled to the ground and nearly making them happen.
How the Chiefs manage to bounce back from this Super Bowl loss in 2021 will tell us a lot about their future. They can rise to the occasion and use this loss to motivate the team to future success or they can continue to spiral. They get to choose how they respond to it.

What’s next?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The 2021 NFL offseason is here for the Chiefs. That means it’s general manager Brett Veach’s time to shine. He’ll begin to enact his plans ahead of free agency and the 2021 NFL draft in order to construct the best possible team for next season. After watching Super Bowl LV, I’d suggest he start on the offensive and defensive line.

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The Tampa Bay Bucs beat up on the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. It is what it is. The loss to old-man Tom Brady and the Buccaneers was more embarrassing and shocking than anyone would have believed prior to the game. The Chiefs were exposed for what they were this season: Top heavy.

While the Chiefs were excellent on the offensive side of the ball, it was through one phase and three players. In the passing game, the Chiefs were dominant with Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce on passes from Cheap Patrick Mahomes Jersey. While the thought of having Cheap Tyreek Hill Jersey, Cheap Travis Kelce Jersey, and Patrick Mahomes would prompt some teams to trade a century of draft classes, therein lies a fatal flaw in the way the Chiefs’ offense functioned.

Beyond offensive line injuries and an inability to find sustainable production from the ground game, the Chiefs were poorly stocked up with backup receiving targets. To coin a phrase once used by NBA great LeBron James, the Chiefs were “Top heavy as @#$%.” The meaning of this phrase describes the Chiefs perfectly this season.

With Cheap Sammy Watkins Jersey out of the lineup for much of the year, the Chiefs were forced to throw a mixture of Cheap Mecole Hardman Jersey, Cheap Demarcus Robinson Jersey, and Cheap Byron Pringle Jersey at the second wide receiver position. At tight end, Cheap Nick Keizer Jersey got the majority of second reps. While Robinson, Hardman, and Pringle could certainly have a role on a team, they should not be a 2nd (or really even 3rd) option on a receiving corp. Here is what they had to offer this season.

Mecole Hardman: 41 receptions on 62 targets, 560 yards, 4 TDs
Demarcus Robinson: 45 receptions on 59 targets, 466 yards, 3 TDs
Byron Pringle: 13 receptions on 17 targets, 160 yards, 1 TDs
On the surface, this looks somewhat decent. Especially when considering how good Travis Kelce’s production was from the tight end position, this appears like a respectable group until you remember how often the Chiefs threw the ball. Due to a putrid rushing attack, the Chiefs were forced to put the ball in the air more than any team in the league. Chiefs quarterbacks threw the ball 630 times, and if not for explosive separation from Hill and Kelce that resulted in huge plays, they likely would have thrown the ball even more. W

hile I believe that there is merit to the idea that running backs don’t matter, there should certainly be higher production when you throw the ball as frequently as you do, but that is a discussion for another day. The problem in this case is that the players taking on Watkins’s role accounted for a minuscule portion of the production when compared to Kelce and Hill.

Travis Kelce: 105 receptions on 145 targets, 1,416 yards, 11 TDs
Tyreek Hill: 87 receptions on 135 targets, 1,276 yards, 15 TDs
These are mind-blowing statistics. You should certainly have favorite targets in an offense as an NFL quarterback, but these numbers are off the charts compared to the other receivers on the team. Added up, Robinson, Pringle, and Hardman combined had just three more targets than Tyreek Hill who was second in targets on the team. While the tandem of Kelce and Hill is widely believed to be the best in the NFL, the Chiefs truly have no solid number three option to throw to.

The expectation this year from the Kansas City faithful was that Cheap Clyde Edwards-Helaire Jersey would pick up as many targets in the passing game as any running back in the NFL. That, however, never came to fruition in the 2020-2021 season.

An added expectation was that Watkins would be the receiver to carry the Chiefs in the middle of the field when Kelce and Hill were unable to do so. Instead, Watkins had a less-than-productive 2021 campaign due to nagging injury. Watkins finished the season with 37 receptions for 421 yards in 10 games. This number, in comparison with the other receivers for Kansas City is still the most productive outside of Kelce and Hill. Other receivers played more games and had around the same amount of production.

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The Kansas City Chiefs have become the home for veteran players trying to find a way toward a championship in recent seasons. Darrelle Revis and Terrell Suggs joined the team’s defense for short stints, and LeSean McCoy and Cheap LeVeon Bell Jersey signed up for the team’s offensive backfield—all in hopes of one more Super Bowl run on the professional resume.

Bell is the latest player to try to make it work with the Chiefs, and unfortunately, nothing quite worked out as planned.

At midseason, shortly after the New York Jets decided to part ways with the former All-Pro, Bell was a hot commodity who also seriously considered the Buffalo Bills (likely money and playing time) and Miami Dolphins (likely money and closer to home). However, in the end, he chose the Chiefs over other teams with dreams of a ring in mind. At first, it felt almost unfair that a team already loaded with playmakers, including a blossoming first-round rookie at the same position, could also add Bell as “yet another guy” to the mix. On the field, however, it never quite played out that way.

There were moments when Bell resembled the former Steelers great who was arguably the most effective running back in the entire NFL. Bell’s patient running style, incredible vision, agility and instincts were part of a package that regularly embarrassed opponents—Chiefs included. Despite time away from the game, and an unimpressive stint with the Jets, Bell looked like a motivated vet ready to show what he could do before hitting the open market.

Fortunately for the Chiefs, they only shelled out $1 million total for the chance taken on Bell. It helped to have the Jets on the hook for a lot more salary, obviously, but the need or opportunity just wasn’t there for Bell to add much at all this year. Even when Cheap Clyde Edwards-Helaire Jersey was sidelined in the postseason, the Chiefs went with Darrel Williams in a lead back role. It was a move that made very little sense on paper, but it’s clear that something was amiss between the coaching staff’s decisions and fan expectations.

In the end, Bell ran 63 times for 254 yards and 2 touchdowns in 9 games in Kansas City. He added another 99 receiving yards on 13 catches, which meant he averaged a whopping 39 yards/game from scrimmage.

The case for coming back
To his credit, Bell was a model citizen for his few months in Kansas City and if the Chiefs liked Bell in a sort of sidecar role on the field and a mentoring role off of it, then it might make sense to retain him for another year. He’s not going to cost too much money given his recent past and the looming salary cap adjustments, so retaining Bell likely wouldn’t cost much.

The Chiefs are bringing back Edwards-Helaire next year and then must decide on Cheap Darrel Williams Jersey, who is a restricted free agent, and Cheap Damien Williams Jersey, who will be returning after opting out for the 2020 season. If the latter Williams is cut for salary cap space, perhaps Bell is brought back as the veteran leader one more time.

The case for letting go
Le’Veon Bell’s longest run since 2016 is 27 yards and that came in 2017. Any team with a vision of the Bell of old needs to adjust their outlook because such projections make no sense given the recent body of work. That’s not to say that Bell wouldn’t emerge as more impressive than he’s looked given more reps with the right offense. After all, the last three years have been a bit odd for Bell, but it can be hard for players to adjust back to the game after missing time, and Bell hasn’t looked the same whether with a horrible team relying on him or a great team just giving him limited reps.

The likelihood of a return: 5 percent
The bottom line is that Bell was always going to be a short-term rental. The contract said so and the team’s posture toward him doesn’t seem to imply anything differently. No one has made overtures one way or the other about a reunion, and Bell is likely to still coast on his reputation enough to get some team to bite for more than the league minimum. Bleacher Report’s Maurice Moton believes the Las Vegas Raiders are the next home for Bell, while Pro Football Focus guessed the Miami Dolphins. Either way, it makes sense for another team to spend and believe and for the Chiefs to move on.