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With the start of NFL free agency less than a month away, the Kansas City Chiefs are faced with numerous players up for new contracts, but the situation surrounding safety Cheap Daniel Sorensen Jersey could have the largest impact on the future of the team.

But let’s be honest, when haven’t things hinged on Sorensen?

I talked about the Chiefs’ pending free agents and some other eligible free agents around the league who Kansas City could bring in on today’s Roughing the Kicker podcast with Arrowhead Report’s Mark Van Sickle.

Out of all the pending free agents for the Chiefs, the case of Sorensen is the most interesting one. Sorensen just had one of the best years of his career in a contract season. He recorded a career-high in total tackles and interceptions while playing in 82% of the Chiefs’ snaps last year.

But it’s no secret Sorensen has his downfalls too. In 2020, he recorded the highest missed tackle percentage of his career while allowing a career-worst in completion percentage (76.7%) and a passer rating against (100.7). Pro Football Focus has him graded as the 86th best safety out of 94 eligible players.

That being said, I can’t imagine the market for Sorensen will be too high this offseason. In 2020, it was clear that defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo values experience over potential and that will play in Sorensen’s favor.

Sorensen knows the system and started to produce results in Spagnuolo’s second season leading the defense. His return to Kansas City would help the team focus on its pressing needs while avoiding a minor one.

Sorensen’s return also allows the Chiefs to possibly address the EDGE or tackle situations in free agency or early in the draft. Giving Kansas City the potential to add premier talent at its positions of need will be crucial for another Super Bowl run.

If Sorensen elects to go elsewhere, the Chiefs will be stuck trying to address their other problems while trying to find a third safety. It’s possible if the team lets Sorensen walk they have faith in 2018 fourth-round pick Cheap Armani Watts Jersey to fill his role, but safety could become a higher priority in the draft without Sorensen.

While Sorensen makes plays that get you out of your seat, he also makes plays that make you scratch your head. His experience in the defense will be wanted in 2021 as the Chiefs have more pressing issues elsewhere to worry about. While it may not be what a lot of people want, Sorensen’s return would save a lot more headaches than it would cause.

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Author’s note: Thank you to everyone who read my post about the free agents on offense. And I’d like to give a big thanks to AP for putting it on the main page. As promised, here is part two.

I think the free agents on the defensive side are a little more difficult to predict. However, I still do not think many of them are going to be highly sought in free agency. With a reduced cap, many teams badly over what a normal cap would be, and many teams having to setting their quarterback situation, this free agency is going to be hell on solid veteran role players. I could be wrong, but I think that most of the Chiefs’ defensive free agents are hitting free agency at the worst possible time for their situations. I will again predict that I think many players across the league will be playing for close to the veteran minimum.

DE Cheap Alex Okafor Jersey: He was one of the first free agents signed after Steve Spagnuolo became defensive coordinator. He has eight sacks in 21 games over two seasons. The Chiefs convinced him to take a pay cut last offseason, which implied that they probably were about to cut him if he had refused.

Prediction: Okafor and the Chiefs are going to move on from each other. Pay cuts usually create some hard feelings. Even if he has to take a veteran minimum deal, he’s going to take it somewhere other than Kansas City.

S Cheap Daniel Sorensen Jersey: Ah, “Dirty Dan.” He has gone from probably Arrowhead Pride’s least favorite Chief under Bob Sutton to a Cheap Mike Maslowski Jersey or Boomer Grigsby-level favorite under Spagnuolo. The forced fumble on the kickoff against Houston will probably forever be a top-15 Chiefs moment for me. In a previous generation, Sorensen would be that guy that a team with a new coach would want to bring in for intangibles and culture building. Usually with some generic coach speak such as, “This guy’s a football player.” The Chiefs do need to consider what he brings to the field. Even with a ton of improvement the last two years, Sorensen is very prone to the highest highs and lowest lows when you watch all of his plays. Other than the elite players, safeties have not done very well the last couple of years in free agency. I am not sure how much interest there would be in a 30-year-old Sorensen, even in a normal year with more money available.

Prediction: Sorensen will not generate substantial interest from other teams. A few weeks into free agency, he will sign for a veteran cap benefit contract, such as the one the Chiefs used to bring back Cheap Anthony Sherman Jersey and Cheap Demarcus Robinson Jersey for 2020.

CB Cheap Bashaud Breeland Jersey: This is one in which I really have no idea how it’s going to go. Breeland had a Super Bowl to forget but has overall played well in Kansas City. He has probably had the worst luck of any player ever in free agency. He had an offer taken off the table after injuring his foot on vacation. He played well and hit free agency with a failed drug test suspension looming. Now, he plays well again and enters free agency at a time that probably $640 million in cap space league-wide is disappearing. He probably benefits from this year’s cornerback draft class being considered well below average. On the other hand, teams have been more wary about signing away middle-tier corners the last couple of years after a large number of busts. I’m not sure how many teams are going to be interested in a 29-year-old corner who has a reputation for coverage penalties, recently suffered a concussion and is probably facing a year-long suspension if he ever has another off-the-field incident. I think the Chiefs prioritizing Deandre Baker might be a sign that they would prefer to move on from Breeland.

Prediction: Breeland will be disappointed by free agency again. I think he will probably still be available after the draft. At that point, he will either return to Kansas City or sign somewhere else for less money than he wants and probably less than he deserves.

LB Damien Wilson: I’m actually a fan of Cheap Damien Wilson Jersey. I like guys who know their role and do their job. The Chiefs did not make a huge investment in him, and I think they’ve probably gotten their money’s worth. If you want to know what the Chiefs really think of Willie Gay, watch what they do with Wilson. If they are relatively aggressive bringing him back, that probably means Gay did not show the improvement they were hoping for.

Prediction: The Chiefs will not make Damien Wilson a priority. If he is still available after the draft, they might bring him back on a very cheap deal.

DE Cheap Tanoh Kpassagnon Jersey: Last postseason, it finally looked like Kpassagnon had it. He filled in well after Okafor and Emmanuel Ogbah went down. He had two sacks in the AFC championship game against the Titans, and he made a big time play in coverage against San Francisco. This season, he went back to looking like a replacement-level player. I would probably say Cheap Mike Danna Jersey outplayed him.

Prediction: I don’t know how much money he will make, but some other team will be intrigued by Kpassagnon’s physical makeup and be very aggressive in recruiting him. Even if the money is similar, Kpassagnon might think a new start is a better situation. The Chiefs should not bring him back unless it’s for close to the absolute minimum.

DT Cheap Mike Pennel Jersey: I think it’s fair to say Pennel made more of an impact in 2019 than he did in 2020, even if his snap count stayed pretty close to the same. He was a rotational player with usage varying by the opponent. I guess whether or not they make him a priority will be a good sign for what they really think about Cheap Khalen Saunders Jersey. Did the lack of offseason and then the Week 1 injury just put Saunders’ development behind? Or are they just done with him? One other thing to watch. The Chiefs will likely lose Cheap Derrick Nnadi Jersey to free agency after next season. It might be a good idea to use a day-three pick on a defensive tackle who profiles as a run-stopper, which would probably squeeze Pennel out of a roster spot.

Prediction: I don’t think the Chiefs will make Pennel a priority, but they will probably keep his number handy in case he’s available as an injury replacement. It’s very possible that a 30-year-old rotational defensive tackle with multiple drug suspensions will be available if the Chiefs need him in season.

CB Cheap Antonio Hamilton Jersey: Yawn. It’s time to remember back 11 months ago when we were so desperate for any Chiefs news that we were all happy the Chiefs signed Hamilton as their first addition of free agency. He looked pretty overmatched any time he saw action on defense. He was signed for special teams value. Anyone who played primarily on special teams for this team probably doesn’t have a ton to brag about. Given the number of times they called up defensive Cheap Chris Lammons Jersey from the practice squad to play on special teams, I think it would probably make more sense to go with the cheaper player in Lammons over Hamilton.

Prediction: Like Pennel, Hamilton is probably not getting a contract in the early days of free agency. The Chiefs probably will not re-sign him, but they might bring him back if he’s available as an injury replacement. The Chiefs can keep Lammons for the role Hamilton held.

DE Cheap Taco Charlton Jersey: As a Fort Worth resident who received regular coverage of everything that went wrong with Charlton and the Cowboys, I was very surprised by how well it was going with the Chiefs. I still don’t think he’s drumming up much interest coming off an injury. I think whether or not he’s expected to be healthy will decide if he’s a Chief in 2021. Fractured ankle can mean a wide range of things from a moderate hairline crack to a horrific mess that can never be perfectly put back together. Given how important a first step burst is for an edge rusher, it’s not a slam dunk that it heals in a way where he can play again. He was playing the best football of his career and is friends with Cheap Frank Clark Jersey, and we are very thin at his position, so I think there will be mutual interest if his ankle is good.

Prediction: If Charlton plays in the league in 2021, it will be with the Chiefs on another one-year deal.

LB Cheap Ben Niemann Jersey (Restricted): This is going to make some folks mad. The Chiefs are going to tender a restricted free agent offer to a player who played 43% of defensive snaps and 56% of special teams snaps this season. I actually respect Niemann a ton. I know he has a high football IQ and has to be a world-class hard worker to make it as far as he has with his athleticism. If the team wants to cut Dorian O’Daniel and keep Niemann as a core special teamer and backup, I’m actually OK with that. But he should not be seeing his defensive snap count. If I’m the Chiefs, I am scouting guys who played safety in college but are clearly too big to be NFL safeties to see if I can find one on day three of the draft to develop into the dime package coverage linebacker.

Prediction: The Chiefs will tender an offer to Niemann. He will probably be on the team in 2021 but hopefully will lose most of his defensive snaps to other players (looking at you, Cheap Willie Gay Jersey).

CB Cheap Charvarius Ward Jersey (restricted): A year makes a big difference. A year ago, I would have told you that Charvarius Ward would get a second-round tender to make sure that no team snatches him up. I have never been a big believer in Ward, but I thought we would need to put a higher tender on him to keep other teams from signing him. But the improvement I thought we would see this season flat out did not happen. You really can’t justify paying the extra million to put a higher tender on Ward. He cannot cover without holding. I don’t really fault a guy for not being able to come down with interceptions because there’s usually a reason defensive backs aren’t wide receivers. But his ball skills are exceptionally bad. I don’t think he is really a better outside corner than Cheap Rashad Fenton Jersey, who I like but I don’t particularly think is great. If BoPete Keyes shows some development this year, he would profile to a similar player to Ward. There will probably be some vets who are at least as good as Ward would would probably have a lower cap hit if signed to the veteran benefit contract.

Prediction: The Chiefs will tender an offer to Ward. I think Ward will be back, but I think this will be the last year we see him in Kansas City. If they manage to re-sign both Breeland and Ward, though, don’t be surprised if one of them doesn’t make it to final cuts if Deandre Baker is ready to go.

CB Cheap Alex Brown Jersey (exclusive rights): Brown probably should get a trophy for being the most forgotten player to dress for the Super Bowl LIV Champion Kansas City Chiefs. He was a reserve defensive back who played on special teams coverage units down the stretch. Sadly, he tore his ACL very early in camp and never had a chance to build on his experience. Given how down most draft experts, including the AP Nerd Squad are on this year’s cornerback group, the Chiefs may prefer a young player like Brown who knows the system to whatever might be available day three of the draft. On the other hand, he’s a small-school guy who got noticed by running a 4.42 40 at his pro day. If even a small portion of that speed is gone following the injury, so may be his chances of staying on the NFL radar.

Prediction: This one comes down to health. If the Chiefs are confident in his recovery, Brown will receive an exclusive rights tender, go to camp and probably be given a fair chance to win a spot on the back of the roster.

The Chiefs can probably find a way with the veteran salary benefit or unique salary structures to bring back anyone they want from this list. I would not say any player on this list will make or break the offseason, but it’s concerning how many players had very high snap counts. Even if the production was not always there, this is a large amount of usage to have to account for.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After 4,740 yards and 38 touchdown passes, Patrick Mahomes’ regular season appears to be finished one game sooner than scheduled.

The Kansas City Chiefs, who at 14-1 have clinched the AFC’s No. 1 playoff seed, will start veteran backup Cheap Chad Henne Jersey at quarterback on Sunday in the regular-season finale against the Los Angeles Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium.

What should the Chiefs do after Dan Sorensen’s contract runs out?
Cheap Daniel Sorensen Jersey is one of those guys who the Kansas City Chiefs have been thankful to have over the past couple of years. You can likely think of many plays that he’s been involved with over the years. The first one that comes to mind is the tackle he made against the Houston Texans on a fake punt that gave the Chiefs life when there seemed to be none. Also in that same game, he forced a fumble on a kickoff that further closed their deficit. He is also a fan favorite, which puts the Chiefs in a tough situation. Should Kansas City give him an extension? Let’s take a look.

As for his on-field production, Sorensen is having his worst graded season since 2015. According to Pro Football Focus, he has an overall grade of 54.1, which puts him 72nd out of 89 qualifying safeties. There are admitted issues with just using PFF as a measuring stick, but this is obviously not a good look for someone that is trying to stay with the same team after this year. Another thing to note is that out of those 89 qualifying safeties, Sorensen ranks 2nd to last at 88th in run defense. That is quite alarming given that the Chiefs struggle to stop the run this season. If Sorensen happened to be an elite run defender, that would obviously give the Chiefs reason to re-sign him.

Now, let’s turn to things you just can’t measure. Although Sorensen’s PFF grades aren’t the best, like I mentioned above, he happens to be in the right places at the right times on a consistent basis. There are a few instances of this in the current season with two interceptions that were big for the Chiefs this season. The first he returned for a touchdown against the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs were only up three at the time against Denver, then Sorensen intercepted Drew Lock and really broke the game open for K.C. They won in convincing fashion after that 43-16. The second moment was his game-sealing interception against the Las Vegas Raiders. The Chiefs just went down to take the lead 35-31 and the Raiders had 28 seconds to try and go the length of the field and Sorensen came up with an interception with 17 seconds left to ice it.

There also needs to be something said about being a veteran leader on the roster. He is a guy who has been on the roster for seven years and knows now what it takes to win. There isn’t a metric or stat that can account for leadership like that. He’s known for his hard work ethic and film study as well. With the chemistry this team has also, the more guys like this that you can keep in house the better. You always want to do your best to keep the culture the same, especially if you’re a constant winner like the Chiefs have been these years under Andy Reid.

At the end of the day though, unless the Chiefs are going to get a substantial hometown discount, I think Sorensen is someone the Chiefs should let go. I believe they can find the value that Sorensen brings and potentially more somewhere in the draft. Sorensen was an undrafted free agent when the Chiefs brought him onto the roster in 2014. Brett Veach and the front office have done a really good job at finding talent later in the draft also, so I think the Chiefs need to let Sorensen walk this free agency and look to address the safety position somewhere in the later rounds of the draft.

Mahomes will likely be among the Chiefs’ game-day inactives. Coach Andy Reid said veteran Matt Moore, who has spent all season on the practice squad, would likely be activated before the game to serve as Henne’s backup.

“He’ll be great,” Henne said when asked what kind of backup Mahomes would be this week. “He’ll be in the game plan. He’ll study the film and give me some tips. He’ll be very involved. He’ll help me out, just like Matt and I helped him out.”


Aaron Rodgers or Cheap Patrick Mahomes Jersey for NFL MVP? Our panel makes its pick

Week 17 NFL Power Rankings: 1-32 poll, plus New Year’s resolutions for each team
After clinching the No. 1 seed Sunday, Mahomes was asked if he preferred to play in Week 17 against the Chargers.

“I just trust in the coaches,” Mahomes said. “I’m going to be ready to go, whenever that is. I’m going to be ready to try to win a football game. Coach Reid has done this a long time and [offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy] has done this a long time. All those guys have done this for a long time, and they know what’s best for the team.”

Sitting out would cost Mahomes a shot at a second 5,000-yard passing season in three years. Mahomes leads the league in passing yards and is averaging 316 yards per game. He is tied for second in the NFL in touchdown passes.

Henne last started an NFL game in 2014, when he played for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He has been a backup ever since and joined the Chiefs in 2018.

He is 5-for-6 for 30 yards with one rushing touchdown in two games for the Chiefs this season.