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The Tampa Bay Bucs beat up on the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. It is what it is. The loss to old-man Tom Brady and the Buccaneers was more embarrassing and shocking than anyone would have believed prior to the game. The Chiefs were exposed for what they were this season: Top heavy.

While the Chiefs were excellent on the offensive side of the ball, it was through one phase and three players. In the passing game, the Chiefs were dominant with Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce on passes from Cheap Patrick Mahomes Jersey. While the thought of having Cheap Tyreek Hill Jersey, Cheap Travis Kelce Jersey, and Patrick Mahomes would prompt some teams to trade a century of draft classes, therein lies a fatal flaw in the way the Chiefs’ offense functioned.

Beyond offensive line injuries and an inability to find sustainable production from the ground game, the Chiefs were poorly stocked up with backup receiving targets. To coin a phrase once used by NBA great LeBron James, the Chiefs were “Top heavy as @#$%.” The meaning of this phrase describes the Chiefs perfectly this season.

With Cheap Sammy Watkins Jersey out of the lineup for much of the year, the Chiefs were forced to throw a mixture of Cheap Mecole Hardman Jersey, Cheap Demarcus Robinson Jersey, and Cheap Byron Pringle Jersey at the second wide receiver position. At tight end, Cheap Nick Keizer Jersey got the majority of second reps. While Robinson, Hardman, and Pringle could certainly have a role on a team, they should not be a 2nd (or really even 3rd) option on a receiving corp. Here is what they had to offer this season.

Mecole Hardman: 41 receptions on 62 targets, 560 yards, 4 TDs
Demarcus Robinson: 45 receptions on 59 targets, 466 yards, 3 TDs
Byron Pringle: 13 receptions on 17 targets, 160 yards, 1 TDs
On the surface, this looks somewhat decent. Especially when considering how good Travis Kelce’s production was from the tight end position, this appears like a respectable group until you remember how often the Chiefs threw the ball. Due to a putrid rushing attack, the Chiefs were forced to put the ball in the air more than any team in the league. Chiefs quarterbacks threw the ball 630 times, and if not for explosive separation from Hill and Kelce that resulted in huge plays, they likely would have thrown the ball even more. W

hile I believe that there is merit to the idea that running backs don’t matter, there should certainly be higher production when you throw the ball as frequently as you do, but that is a discussion for another day. The problem in this case is that the players taking on Watkins’s role accounted for a minuscule portion of the production when compared to Kelce and Hill.

Travis Kelce: 105 receptions on 145 targets, 1,416 yards, 11 TDs
Tyreek Hill: 87 receptions on 135 targets, 1,276 yards, 15 TDs
These are mind-blowing statistics. You should certainly have favorite targets in an offense as an NFL quarterback, but these numbers are off the charts compared to the other receivers on the team. Added up, Robinson, Pringle, and Hardman combined had just three more targets than Tyreek Hill who was second in targets on the team. While the tandem of Kelce and Hill is widely believed to be the best in the NFL, the Chiefs truly have no solid number three option to throw to.

The expectation this year from the Kansas City faithful was that Cheap Clyde Edwards-Helaire Jersey would pick up as many targets in the passing game as any running back in the NFL. That, however, never came to fruition in the 2020-2021 season.

An added expectation was that Watkins would be the receiver to carry the Chiefs in the middle of the field when Kelce and Hill were unable to do so. Instead, Watkins had a less-than-productive 2021 campaign due to nagging injury. Watkins finished the season with 37 receptions for 421 yards in 10 games. This number, in comparison with the other receivers for Kansas City is still the most productive outside of Kelce and Hill. Other receivers played more games and had around the same amount of production.

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TAMPA, Fla. — It’s been a decade since Chiefs wide receiver Byron Pringle laced up his cleats for the Robinson Senior High School Knights in Tampa.

Days before he plays in a Super Bowl for the Kansas City Chiefs in his hometown, FOX4 sat down to talk to his high school coaches, Craig Everhart and Tommy Montero.

“Seeing him go through our first group of wide receiver individual drills, it was just automatic,” Everhart, a former wide receiver coach and head coach at Robinson, recalled of Pringle’s talent.

“It was obvious that he had the motor skills and everything to do it, but it didn’t take more than a couple of days to realize he had the attitude and the work ethic to do it, more importantly.”

Montero, who was an assistant coach during Pringle’s high school years, remembers his physical growth along with his maturity.

“His growth physically his sophomore to senior year, I kind of joked that he looked like T.O. [Terrell Owens], his physical self,” Montero said. “I knew he was going to be D1 for sure. It’s hard to go NFL. He went and did his best of his chance at K-State, and now he’s doing his best of his opportunity with the Chiefs.”

Even with his success, Pringle has made an impact on his high school and community. He comes back to the school whenever he can to train with current players.

Blue Springs parents cheering for Bucs in Super Bowl as their son takes the field with Tampa Bay

Photo courtesy of Craig Everhart
“It gives us, with our students and players, some support so that these kids can believe that what we’re saying will get them to a place, or to hopefully a college like Byron did,” Montero said.

“It gives us something to fall back on. They go, ‘Hey coach, what can I do to get better? I want to be where Byron is.’ Byron comes back and it’s like he didn’t leave. One of the guys smiling and laughing with us the whole time.”

Cheap Tyrann Mathieu Jersey journey from a New Orleans high school to the Super Bowl
“Byron comes out to summer workouts or pops in the weight room and he’s really just one of the guys,” Everhart said. “That’s what he’s been and when he was here, he was like that as well”

Pringle’s path to the NFL wasn’t easy. He was arrested in 2010 in connection to a string of crimes in Tampa.

Upon his return to Robinson, he was given a second chance by then-head coach Mike DePue.

Photo courtesy of Erin Maloney
Photo courtesy of Erin Maloney
Pringle continued his football career at Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kan. It took just one season before catching the attention of Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder.

“They do a good job of keeping kids in Kansas. I think Coach Snyder was a big part of that,” Everhart said. “He did have some other offers, but he’s a loyal guy. He’s always been really good about remembering who looked out for him, so that’s one of the things that kept him in that area.”

In two seasons as a Wildcat, Pringle hauled in 1,355 yards, 10 touchdowns and was a vital part of the return game.

He totaled 1,076 kick return yards and two touchdowns, earning him 2016 First Team All-Big 12 honors as a returner and an honorable mention for that award in 2017. He finished his K-State career with the second-most career yards per reception, 19.64.

Cheap Patrick Mahomes Jersey bond with childhood friends remains unbreakable
“He’s a testament to second chances. The most important thing from what I’ve observed and gathered, he’s a tremendous father to his son,” Everhart said. “He hasn’t forgotten where he’s from. Our kids here look up to him, which is very special to us and that’s the main thing. He’s a tremendous human being.”

Congrats to Former Knight Byron Pringle @pringle_byron for making the Kansas City Chiefs @Chiefs squad! #OnceAKnightAlwaysAKnight #SOG pic.twitter.com/AW06zYNLkG

— Robinson Football (@RHS_FB_Knights) September 1, 2018
Pringle went undrafted in the 2018 draft but ended up signing a deal with the Kansas City Chiefs.

He suffered an injury in the preseason and did not play as a rookie, but began to make an impact on special teams, and as part of a star-studded receiving core in 2019.

Heyyyyy, Byron Pringle 🕺

Congrats to @pringle_byron on his first @NFL touchdown #KStateFB ⚒ @Chiefs pic.twitter.com/xei6NeehFZ

— K-State Football (@KStateFB) October 7, 2019
“What he does on special teams is really awesome. I think last year, their first punt he ran down and made the first tackle and that’s big,” Everhart said. “I know as Patrick Mahomes continues, he’s got that contract, there’s a chance that hopefully Byron continues to move up the depth chart.”

Pringle joins Cheap Tyreek Hill Jersey, Cheap Mecole Hardman Jersey, Cheap Sammy Watkins Jersey and Cheap Demarcus Robinson Jersey as the receiving group for the Chiefs.

We to live !!!! ✌🏿✌🏿#cheetahshiiii pic.twitter.com/jxsWuy3xeI

— Ty Hill (@cheetah) October 18, 2019
Hill has formed a relationship with Pringle and has been impressed with his work ethic with the receiver, special teams and scout team groups. He hopes he can continue to earn more chances.

“I was talking to [Chiefs wide receiver coach Greg Lewis] about that, I was like, ‘Man, y’all need to start giving Pringle some more chances,’” Hill said. “Here’s a guy, he doesn’t complain about his job, he comes in and works. Whatever you gotta tell him to do, he does it. He is still the same guy. He’s always laughing and he’s always smiling. You couldn’t ask more from a teammate”

Cheap Byron Pringle Jersey kickoff return touchdown is the longest score of the NFL season so far 🔥 pic.twitter.com/hUrApr9sdg

— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) October 26, 2020
Pringle became the first Robinson Senior High School alumnus to win a Super Bowl when the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in 2020.

“Last year was great! We all watched it,” Montero said. “I try to watch every game he is in and every game our former players are in. It brings a joy to watch them and watch them do well. This year he’s contributing a lot more.”

“The Champ Is Here.” A sincere congratulations to Robinson Alum Bryron Pringle for his accomplishments and Now being a Super Bowl Champion! 🏈 #SuperBowlLIV pic.twitter.com/yjppSKbCjO

— Robinson Football (@RHS_FB_Knights) February 3, 2020
Fast forward to Feb. 7, 2021 and he will be suiting up to take the field at Raymond James Stadium, eight miles from Robinson Senior High School. This time, playing for the away team.

Bout to paint my city @Chiefs KC red in February‼️#runitback#chiefs#cardionights pic.twitter.com/e4kYVQtBqo

— Byron Pringle (@pringle_byron) July 22, 2020
“I’m a Bucs fan. I was here when they started in ’76 and have been to a bunch of games,” Montero said. “But I’m a Byron Pringle fan!”

“We’re rooting for Byron to do well and have a great game. I just hope he continues to relish these experiences because obviously nothing is guaranteed, but to have back to back years is such a blessing for him,” Everhart said. “We’re rooting for him and of course being in Tampa Bay, we gotta cheer for the Bucs as well.”

‘I just love my Chiefs’: Kansas man turns front yard into mini Arrowhead Stadium
The pride of Robinson, Montero and Everhart share that pride whenever his name is mentioned or he receives recognition in the NFL.

“I love it when they say his name or they flash to him and they say, ‘From Tampa, Florida’ or ‘Tampa Robinson,’ or something like that. It’s an awesome feeling,” Montero said. “I get texts here and there from people, ‘Hey, didn’t he play for you?’ and I’m like ‘Yes, sir!’”

Pringle and the Chiefs look to repeat as Super Bowl champs, and he will be looking to make an impact on offense and in special teams against the Buccaneers.

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The Kansas City Chiefs held on to win their eighth-consecutive game on Sunday with a victory over the Miami Dolphins, locking up a fifth-straight AFC West title in the process
while preserving their top standing in virtually all of the various NFL “power rankings” from around the web.

Kansas City checked in at No. 1 once again this week in NFL.com’s rankings, slotting ahead of the Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers.
It makes for an exciting matchup on Sunday, as the Chiefs are set to face off against New Orleans in a showdown between two of the top teams in all of football.

Week 14 Game Highlights | Chiefs vs. Dolphins
The folks at Sports Illustrated also placed the Chiefs atop their rankings. Here’s what SI’s Jenny Vrentas had to say about Kansas City:

“The Chiefs got off to a slow start, Patrick Mahomes turned the ball over three times—and the best team in football still earned a road win against a good conference opponent
to clinch the AFC West for the fifth straight year.”

Frank Schwab of Yahoo! Sports, meanwhile, ranked the Chiefs in his top spot while recognizing tight end Travis Kelce’s monster campaign.

“Travis Kelce leads the NFL in receiving yards. A tight end has never finished the season leading the league in that category. Many others will be in the mix for NFL offensive
player of the year, like Derrick Henry and whoever finishes second in the MVP voting, but maybe Kelce needs a second look, too.”

Here’s a look at where the Chiefs landed in some of the various other power rankings from around the web:

The Kansas City Chiefs erased an early deficit to defeat the Miami Dolphins, 33-27, in their return to Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday.

Here are some interesting facts and notes about the victory.

1. Patrick Mahomes overcame some early mistakes to put together another impressive performance.

Mahomes tossed two interceptions through Kansas City’s first three possessions, but the reigning Super Bowl MVP didn’t let some early struggles keep him down. He finished the
game with 393 passing yards and two touchdowns, marking his sixth-consecutive game with 300+ passing yards and his league-leading ninth overall such performance on the year.

The 25-year-old Mahomes extended his touchdown streak to 23 straight games with a score – the longest active stretch in the NFL – and he also topped 4,000 passing yards for
the season on Sunday, joining Peyton Manning and Dan Marino as the only three players in league history to tally 4,000+ passing yards in three of their first four years as a

Of course, Mahomes played just one game his rookie year.

Mahomes’ last six games have been particularly prolific, too.

Patrick Mahomes has 2,309 Pass yards in his last 6 games/

According to @EliasSports that’s the most in any 6-game span in NFL history

The previous record: 2,276 by Drew Brees in 2012-13 seasons. pic.twitter.com/CkgvFYHyfC

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) December 13, 2020
2. Travis Kelce is on another level.

Kelce continued his monster season on Sunday with eight grabs for 136 yards and a touchdown. It marked his sixth-straight game with 8+ receptions and his fifth 100-yard
performance in his last six outings.

Travis Kelce has 7 receptions, 104 receiving yards and 1 receiving TD for the Chiefs

This is Kelce’s 5th game of the season with at least 7 receptions, 100 receiving yards and 1 receiving TD — the most such games in a single season by any TE since at least

— NFL Research (@NFLResearch) December 13, 2020
The veteran tight end currently leads the NFL in receiving yards (1,250) and has now topped 1,200+ yards in each of the last three seasons, becoming the only player to do so.
Only wide receivers Julio Jones and Michael Thomas have a chance to join him this season.

Kelce is now just 127 yards shy of the all-time single-season receiving record by a tight end with three games to go.

After today:
Travis Kelce: 1,250 yards
D.K. Metcalf: 1,180 yards
Tyreek Hill: 1,158 yards

Cheap Travis Kelce Jersey is three games shy of becoming the first TE in NFL history to lead the league in yards.

— Sam McDowell (@SamMcDowell11) December 14, 2020
3. Tyreek Hill found the end zone twice.

Hill is also in the midst of a phenomenal campaign and he added to it on Sunday, tallying 111 total yards (79 receiving, 32 rushing) and two touchdowns on just four touches.
Hill was responsible for the Chiefs’ first score of the day with a 32-yard run down the sideline and was later back in the end zone with a 44-yard scoring grab to begin the
third quarter.

Hill’s 44-yard score marked his 26th career touchdown of at least 40 yards. That’s by far the most in the NFL since 2016 and 16 more than second place.

Weekly image of what it looks like to defend Cheap Tyreek Hill Jersey.

Sixteen touchdowns this season for @cheetah.

It’s Week 14. pic.twitter.com/RykIRSS3op

— B/R Gridiron (@brgridiron) December 13, 2020
The speedy Hill has scored 16 total touchdowns this season – the most in the NFL – and is one of just six players since 2010 to record 16+ scores in just 13 games.
Additionally, his 14 receiving touchdowns lead the NFL and he’s just one score shy of matching Cheap Dwayne Bowe Jersey franchise record (15) with three games remaining.

Tyreek Hill’s 40+ yard TD catches over the past four seasons:
2017: 6, most in the NFL
2018: 4, tied-most in the NFL
2019: 4, tied-most in the NFL
2020: 5, most in the NFL

The best vertical wide receiver in the NFL and it isn’t close right now.

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) December 14, 2020
4. The Chiefs overcame another double-digit deficit and didn’t look back.

Kansas City is accustomed to fighting back from double-digit deficits, especially in Hard Rock Stadium. It was just last February that the Chiefs erased a 10-point deficit in
Super Bowl LIV, and now back at Hard Rock for the first time since that magical night, Kansas City managed to do the same.

After falling behind by 10 early on, Hill and Kelce each found the end zone to push Kansas City in front prior to halftime and they wouldn’t look back. It continued a trend for
this Chiefs’ squad, who never seem to lose their composure even when they fall behind.

The Chiefs have outscored the Dolphins, 28-0, in the last 10:22 of game time.

Cheap Patrick Mahomes Jersey entered the game as the only QB in the Super Bowl Era to boast a winning record in games his team falls behind by double-digits (8-5 including playoffs),
according to @EliasSports. pic.twitter.com/D4LVrcNTKp

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) December 13, 2020
5. Cheap Mecole Hardman Jersey tallied the first punt return touchdown of his career.

The Chiefs continued to build on their newfound lead in the second half, as Hardman returned a Dolphins’ punt all the way back for a 67-yard touchdown. It was the first punt
return touchdown of Hardman’s young career and the Chiefs’ first since Week 1 of the 2018 season.